Monday, May 6, 2013

Ignite Jackal Review

This is a review on the missile launching tank-like Ignite "Jackal" with a battery of foam missiles to launch at your adversaries or in my cat.  Poor kitty.  I found the jackal very fun to drive around and launch missiles at targets.  It can fire one at a time or "automatic" by pressing two buttons at the same time.  They put a decently powerful motor for movement and this tank will easily go over your carpet.  Sometimes if you do 360's on the carpet the treads might come off.  Just slide them back on and you should be good to go.  The only downside is the 5 hour recharge for the battery.  Their is also a warning to not charge the battery for more than 5 hours.  So get out your timer folks.  The jackal runs for about 12-15 minutes but depending on how you run it, it could last longer.  The NiCad battery for the jackal is included but you will need to get one 9v battery for the controller.  Please subscribe to my youtube page and take care!

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